During Turtle Week this year we asked our young visitors to draw a “get well soon” card for the tiny turtle hatchlings that are currently undergoing much-needed medical care with the Two Oceans Aquarium Education Foundation Turtle Rehabilitation Programme. The results seriously warmed our hearts – it’s wonderful to see how much love and compassion our youngest fans have for the youngest animals in our care!

The winner of this competition won a family membership as well as a seriously awesome art hamper. Congratulations Abigail Graser (10)! We all loved the thought that went into your “turtle hospital” scene.

Abigail, 10

The two runners up were Juliette Hlava (9-and-a-half) and Alexander Riley (6) – each of whom have won themselves two tickets to the Aquarium – thank you for the words of encouragement for Bob and friends!

Juliette, 9-and-a-half
Alexander, 6

We thought all the entries were really creative and inspirational. Here they are:

Charlotte, 6-and-a-half
Catherine, 7
Muhammed, 7
Blu, 7
Trinity, 5
Elizabeth, 4
Tudor, 4
Benjamin, 6
Benjamin, 6
Calvin, 7
André, 7
Sarah, 6-and-a-half
Kayla, 7
Carrie, 4
Lucy, 4
Isa, 6
Kirsten, 6
Joelle, 6
Judah, 4
Maya, 4
Jordan, 7
Jean, 5
Emily, 4
Mikayla, 6
Mia, 8


Sophia, 8
Anja, 5
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