In 2013, the Two Oceans Aquarium launched Keep the Beach Clean, the first in a series of six children's books dubbed "Puppet Stories". These six stories are based on the Aquarium's interactive puppet shows, and each story carries a strong environmental lesson. In an ongoing effort to spread the love of the ocean and its inhabitants to as many young people as possible, Two Oceans Aquarium ECD Head Marguerite Venter, author of the Puppet Stories, and her team conduct these live puppet shows in Cape Town's three major languages: Engish, Afrikaans and isiXhosa. 

We are now pleased to announce that Keep the Beach Clean is available in isiXhosa - Gcina Ulwandle Lucocekile.


Gcina Ulwandle Lucocekile follows Thalie, a young girl who loves visiting the beach. Thalie's plastic bag is blown into the ocean and accidentally eaten by Sally the Seal, who goes on a journey to find an ocean friend who can help her pull it back out.  With beautifully updated artwork, and interactive activities for you and your child, Gcina Ulwandle Lucocekile is an ideal way to get your little one into reading and help them foster a love of the sea.

The book was translated by Language Inc and Two Oceans Aquarium Environmental Educator Wandiswa Jonga worked with author Marguerite Venter to edit this translated version to make it as child-friendly as possible. Wandiswa had this to say:

 Ndifunde kalukhulu ngokuguqula lencwadi kulwimi lwesiXhosa. Lonto indenze ndafunda amanye amagama wezilwanyana zaselwadle ngesiXhosa. Uqala kwamu ukufunda elibali belibhwale ngesona siXhosa esikumgangatho ophezulu kakhulu, kwaye lonto ibingayilungelanga abantwana abancinci. Kuye kwanyanzelelka ukuba ndihlise umgangatho kancinci kuze bazokwazi ukuqonda ulayezo wencwadi. Ndilifunde amatyeli amanizi elibali ukuze ndineliseke ngumgangatho walo. Ndiyathemba ukuba abantu bazakuyonwabela imizamo yethu kuba isiXhosa lulwimi olumnandi kakhulu kodwa ke  alilulanga ukuliguqula ukusuka kwisingesi. 

For those of you not fluent in isiXhosa, Wandiswa was kind enough to translate:

Translating this book was a huge learning experience for me. I also learnt for the first time in my life the correct Xhosa names of some of the sea creatures. When I first got the script I could understand it was written in isiXhosa but the level was not really appropriate for the Foundation Phase target group. So to put it simply I had to take it down a notch, so the children could understand the message of the story. I had to proofread it over and over again to make sure it was up to standard. I hope the public will be happy with our efforts, because isiXhosa is a beautiful language, but is not a simple language to translate from English.

Gcina Ulwandle Lucocekile is suitable for children aged 3 to 9 and is also available in English, Keep the Beach Clean, and Afrikaans, Hou die Strand Skoon. Get yours now on our online store.

Some isiXhosa words to get you started:

Don't speak isiXhosa? Here are some of our favourite starter words for ocean lovers:

Molweni -> Hello

Unombombiya -> African penguin

Ingwane -> Octopus

Umntu -> Human

Ukrebe -> Shark

Ilanga -> Sun

Inja yolwandle -> Cape fur seal


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