Whatever the occasion - a child's birthday, a visit from granny or a family reunion - one thing that is appreciated by all is the ocean's beauty. Young or old, big or small, Cape Town's Two Oceans Aquarium family has something to offer everyone.

The Two Oceans Aquarium is one of Cape Town’s top tourist attractions for a very good reason: not only do kids love it, but parents can visit with their brood knowing that the focus will be on environmental edu-tainment, on conservation, and on fostering love for and fascination with the ocean. The Aquarium is where you go when you want to show your children something they have never seen before, or most likely won’t be able to see anywhere else. When you want to teach them something that books and apps simply can’t. When you want to share the moments of enchantment that build lifelong memories. That sense of wonder is contagious – which is why no one leaves the Aquarium without feeling a little lighter, a bit better informed, and a lot more committed to truly appreciating our oceans and coasts. 

Here are some of the amazing family and friendship bonding moments you've shared with us:

Mother's Day has passed, but mothers still deserve some love!

Every one of our staff members, volunteers and animal inhabitants has a mom* and none of the incredible things we've accomplished would have been possible without them. We are sure you agree that all moms are this awesome and deserve to be spoilt!

A family day out to the V&A Waterfront is a popular option - visit the Aquarium, take a walk around the Silo District and grab a bite to eat. Show mom that you appreciate her.

*Ok, yes, not all of our staff/animals have moms - some of them clone themselves.**

**Ok, double disclaimer - sometimes the dads become moms!

If you're feeling daring - take your parents diving (this is also a popular way to gain the trust of the mothers-in-law)!

Or show your softer side with a cuddly Penguin Experience.

And while we are on the topic of penguins - they have an Aquarium mom too!

Dad - why not give mom a break at take the kids out for the afternoon?

Nothing leaves a lasting impression quite like witnessing an underwater wonderland.

"Hi kids!" Our stingrays always know how to please a young soul.

Bring the whole family!

Share the ocean's beauty with all your loved ones.

Learn a lesson from the shark's toothy grin - immortalise your outing with a family selfie!

And don't be afraid to show your fascination (we are all kids when experiencing the ocean's awesomeness first-hand).

Put a smile on a kid's dial!

Nothing makes us happier than putting a smile on a child's face.

What better way to encourage kids to grow up to be environmentally-caring adults?

Our underwater dreamland is the ideal place for young minds to explore and be amazed.

One last message from the Two Ocean's Aquarium:

Don't forget to tell your family they are stars!

Let us help you plan your visit to our world of blue - plan your trip today.

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