08 June 2011

Fishing Solemates celebrate dads in style

Amina Hoosain

Amina Hoosain is the Two Oceans Aquarium’s membership co-ordinator.

Fishing is a superb way to connect with nature while creating new traditions with friends and family.

Angelique Boll lands her second trout while Dr Pat offers direction

This past weekend (Saturday 4 June 2011), Solemates (or, members of the Aquarium) joined Two Oceans Aquarium Managing Director Dr Patrick Garratt (Dr Pat for short) at the Du Kloof Trout Estate and Lodge to celebrate one of the most important people in their lives – their dads – while enjoying a day out in nature with loved ones.

Eugene Jacobus shows his daughter Nicala how to fish

The Du Kloof Trout Estate is approximately 45 minutes from Cape Town, situated between Du Toits Kloof and the Witteberg mountains. This eco-savvy estate offers visitors the experience of a trout farm, accommodation, restaurant and “vinotique” (boutique wine store). The estate is in a very tranquil setting, with the river and mountains just a hop and a skip away.

A stunning backdrop as Solemates get into fishing

While it was dreadfully cold and pouring with rain in Cape Town, the weather at Du Kloof was perfect for fishing.

The Boll family's catch

Solemates arrived from 10h00 onwards, set up their camping chairs and blankets on the grassy areas, and were soon enthralled with learning fishing techniques from Dr Pat. Some people, like me, had trout nibble on the bait without catching anything, but others were quickly landing large rainbow trout.

Dr Pat shows the little Sales Solemates how it's done

After a while, the mist came down the mountain and it rained, but this did not deter Dr Pat and his merry band of fishermen (and women), who promptly pulled on rain jackets and proceeded to fish in the rain!

Reggie and Karen cast their lines

The rest of our group took refuge in the farmhouse. Before long, Solemates were sitting on the cosy couches, sharing snacks and becoming acquainted while a cheerful fire burnt in the fireplace.

The Veldhuis family members get Dr Pat's undivided attention

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed this event and created fantastic memories of a family day spent, together, connecting with the environment. One of the children even pulled me aside to ask if he could visit the following day to continue fishing!

The Adshade family contemplating fishing

Though I haven’t caught a fish yet, I take great pleasure in knowing that the children learned how to fish, a skill which they can enjoy for years to come. The fishing outing was so amazing, and I’m not sure who was more excited: Dr Pat, the Solemates or me.

Paul Sales lands his first trout
The Veldhuis daughters beaming with pride. Nice boots!
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