27 March 2011

Fifty-four Young Biologists graduate at Two Oceans Aquarium

Laura Maggs
Young Biologists go outdoors for their education

The annual Young Biologists graduation ceremony took place this weekend on Saturday, 26 March in front of the I&J Predator Exhibit.

Hosted by the Aquarium and De Beers Marine, the prestigious event celebrated the achievements of 54 graduates who successfully completed the Young Biologists course in September 2010.

See photos from the night here.

The Young Biologists will also have served an impressive combined total of 2 605 hours volunteer work at the Aquarium.

The course, sponsored by De Beers Marine, included three days of theory, where candidates were introduced to a broad range of marine biology topics, a number of engaging and hands-on learning activities as well as a three-day camp.

Candidates were asked to complete written assessments as well as oral presentations on a daily basis. Having completed the course, candidates then became Young Biologist Volunteers and were given the opportunity to interact with Aquarium visitors.

The Young Biologist course has been on offer at the Aquarium for the last 11 years. And, for a few Young Biologists, the course has been a gateway to further study.

Graduate Megan Laird is currently finishing off her PhD on anemones, and former Aquarium employee and graduate Simon Leigh is now studying towards a degree in ichthyology at Rhodes University in Grahamstown.

We are so proud of all our Young Biologists! Watch this space for pics of Saturday’s proceedings.

The next Young Biologist course takes place in October 2011. If you’re interested in learning more about the course, or for more information on graduation, please contact the Environmental Education Centre at the Two Oceans Aquarium on +27 (0)21 418 3823 or via education@aquarium.co.za.

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