14 October 2014

Fabulous Family Sleepover feedback from our Solemates

Amina Hoosain

On 27 September, 100 of our Solemate members enjoyed a fun night out at the Aquarium. Sleeping bags, mattresses and supper were brought along for a picnic next to the I&J Predator Exhibit, with the ragged-tooth sharks swimming above.

Scenes from the sleepover

Linda of The Green Smoothie Company showed us how we can be healthier by incorporating veggies such as lettuce and spinach into smoothies for a daily nutritional boost. She also demonstrated how to make one of her signature smoothies, with some of the children assisting her. The members then had the opportunity to sample some of the smoothies her company makes, which were very tasty!

We continued the evening by watching a puppet show, which the adults enjoyed too!

As the Aquarium encourages recycling, from big items to everyday small items, we then decided to use one essential everyday item that many people don’t necessarily reuse: a toilet-roll holder. The children decorated the toilet-roll holders and then used them as seedling planters for herbs, which they took home to plant.

Breakfast at Shoreline Café the next day was a delicious treat, as members could sit outside and watch the sun come up over the marina.

Our members thoroughly enjoyed this event and many of them want to book for the next event too – the Spooktacular Sunset Tour with City Sightseeing! Here are some of the comments we received:

  • The sleepover was very interesting and enjoyable. Sleeping next to the I&J Predator Exhibit is definitely the most wonderful experience. We also enjoyed the puppet show and movie, as well as the breakfast. We really had fun, and look forward to another opportunity to attend such events in the future. – Xinlei Zhao

  • I would just like to compliment all the staff involved in this event. From the time I made the booking to the very end, all the staff were super-friendly and very helpful. My kids had an absolute blast and even my husband and myself thoroughly enjoyed the evening. We will most certainly be booking again! – Yvonne Burger

  • We enjoyed camping in front of the predator exhibit and spending family time – this is what memories are made of! – Rozitta de Villiers

  • Sleeping in front of the I&J Predator display, opening my eyes at night and seeing those fish swim by, is really something to remember and quite the experience! I mean, how often does one experience that! – Paula Botha

  • We loved waking up and watching the fish. We had a wonderful time and will be back! – Nicola Grobler

  • Seeing the fish at night-time – that was awesome! 10 for booking procedure, ambience and breakfast! We enjoyed the crafts and it’s good value for money. – Carys Villet

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