Sundays are very exciting at the Two Oceans Aquarium. Every Sunday at 15h00, our scuba divers enter the Predator Exhibit to feed the large ragged-tooth sharks. This is a popular and much-loved event offered to our visitors, and a chance to watch trained divers at work and learn all about these majestic animals from the informative presentation that accompanies the feed.

The Aquarium keeps meticulous feed records for all of the animals in our care, including the sharks. When the divers enter the Predator Exhibit for the shark feed, they attach a small camera to the main viewing window. The camera is pointed directly at the spot from where the sharks are fed. Every Monday, the footage is reviewed and we can then keep track of and record which shark ate and how much they ate.

The feed normally lasts about 25 to 30 minutes - the above video is just a small glimpse into what you might see if you visit us for the shark feed on Sundays.

Every day at the Aquarium is filled with other feeding times and animal excitements - take a look at our jam-packed holiday programme.

Did you know:

  • Ragged-tooth sharks lose two to three teeth a day. Their teeth work on a conveyer belt system with the new teeth embedded in their jaws, ready to take the place of an old tooth.
  • We feed our ragged-tooth sharks large pieces of hake that are donated to us by I&J. We place special vitamins in the fish to ensure the optimal health of our sharks.
  • Ragged-tooth sharks shake their prey to reposition the fish so that they can swallow it head first. Because they do not have incisors like humans, they cannot bite pieces off of their prey easily, and prefer to only eat fish that can be swallowed in one bite.
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