We're grateful that we've been able to bring in the new year on a positive note, with families, couples, youngsters and all-round ocean enthusiasts being able to enjoy the Two Oceans Aquarium during the holidays. Thanks for making us a part of your memories, and sharing your favourite moments with us!

"This was one of the best educational adventures we did. My love for animals was renewed. Quite spectacular, I felt like a child." - Thina

Nature truly is the greatest muse - and we love it when local talent chooses the Aquarium for their inspiration.

"Staff very friendly and helpful. It is really the money worth to go even with some of the interaction displays closed [as a safety precaution]. Personnel keeps displays clean and santised were lot of interaction takes place. At microscope section the personnel was very knowledgeable and could answer all questions." - Andrew


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Exploring the underwater world is often about forming a bond with an animal that you find fascinating.

"No place like this! Truly awe-inspiring, if you in CPT, you have to check this out!!!!" - TC


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And safe, family fun is often what the Two Oceans Aquarium experience is all about - and with an annual membership you get a year of unlimited fun, exclusive events and loads more.

"Amazing experience, the highlight was the friendliness of the staff, and the availability of the wheel chairs for the use of the elderly." - Marchant

It wouldn't be an Aquarium experience without being able to change perceptions about the fascinating animals we share the planet with.

"Everything you can think of is there, from species we know and love to animals we've never seen before." - Sonika


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And, of course, there is Bob. Everybody loves Bob (and Bob loves everybody).

"Worth every penny. There was so many species, so many animals. Amazing experience, my daughter loved every second." - Sonika


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It's exciting for us to think that people who visited the Aquarium as children when we first opened are now bringing their own kids! Multi-generation ocean-lovers abound!

"A beautiful and quiet place to visit for both young and old. It gives that soothing feeling of peace." - Camillo

Some visitors stepped out of their comfort zones, learning to scuba dive and even diving right in with our sharks!

"Awesome diving experience with the sharks! Thank you Marcello for being a great guide!" - Francois


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Most importantly, we love seeing young children being fascinated by all the new things they've discovered about the ocean on their Aquarium visit.

"Take a step back and relax as you watch our gorgeous sea life swim around." - Lindsey

And for some, the highlight of 2020 was having the Aquarium all to themselves for our famous Deep Blue Dinner evening!

"Date night, done right, in the time of COVID!" - Zarina


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And whether you share your love of the sea with a beautiful photo, or a fun fact among your friends, every little bit helps conservation. After all, we can't protect what we don't understand or appreciate.

Whatever your favourite thing at the Two Oceans Aquarium is, we LOVE sharing in your experiences - be sure to tag us on your favourite social media platform on your next visit!

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