Divemaster Iain Robertson has been a cornerstone of the Two Oceans Aquarium's scuba diving experience for many years - starting as a behind-the-scenes volunteer more than 20 years ago and eventually moving in permanently as our resident scuba diving instructor. Iain's Scuba School has long been one of Cape Town's premier dive instruction academies, Iain himself being a professional PADI instructor for over 25 years.

During his time at the Two Oceans Aquarium, hundreds of people have had the opportunity to have their first diving experiences under the safety and guidance of Iain. For those of us that have the pleasure of working closely with him - it's tough to imagine the Aquarium without his cheerful nature and never-ending supply of jokes..

Last week, Iain received a surprise visit from Anders Heegaard, PADI Regional Manager for South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. Anders had something to present to Iain - recognition for his long and outstanding PADI professional membership. Iain is one of only five South Africans to ever hold this achievement.

“A huge congratulations to Iain N Robertson from Iain's Scuba School for his 25 Years of Professional Membership. Iain is based inside the Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town, where he has been since they opened their doors. To celebrate this milestone PADI Regional Manager Anders Heegaard jumped in the tank to try this unique dive experience. Scuba diving in these huge tanks filled with sharks, rays and turtles is truly such an amazing experience, and is recommend to all divers who visit Cape Town.” – Statement from PADI Pros Africa

After a quick award handover Anders joined Iain in an underwater tour of the I&J Ocean Exhibit.

We would like to congratulate Iain on his accomplishment, and thank him for the many years of legendary service and the joyous atmosphere he continues to bring to the Two Oceans Aquarium diving experience.

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