Why you should dive at the Two Oceans Aquarium

Ever wonder what the world looks like from a turtle’s point of view?

Photo by Jean Tresfon

Wonder no more!


Thrilling ocean encounters are yours for the diving here at the Two Oceans Aquarium, where you can scuba dive with guitar fish, rays, turtles and bonito in guaranteed great conditions, perfect visibility and balmy temperatures – any day of the week.

A breathaking environment

Our large-scale exhibit lets you get up close to endangered or threatened marine species that are rarely spotted in the wild.

Photo by Jean Tresfon

In the I&J Ocean Exhibit you can float over the only full tunnel of its kind in Africa, and wave at the crowds through the seamless 9 metre-wide, 4 metre-high acrylic window.

Photo by Jean Tresfon

The creatures of this exhibit include two turtles, Yoshi and Bob, spotted grunter, the funny-looking musselcracker, majestic stingrays and a gorgeous guitar fish.

Photo by Ingrid Sinclair
Photo by Jean Tresfon

We can't wait to sea you.

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