Have you ever wanted to experience an underwater forest? Glide through the verdant glades of the southern tip of Africa? Get up close to the wonderful and diverse animals that inhabit the shelter of dense kelp stands?

Here's your chance - scuba diving in the Kelp Forest Exhibit* is once again open to the public!

*Kelp is fragile. For that reason, only two divers at a time are allowed to take part in a Kelp Forest diving experience. To dive in the Kelp Forest Exhibit, all divers need a PADI Advanced Open Water qualification or equivalent.

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What can you see on a Kelp Forest Exhibit dive?

The 800 000 litre Kelp Forest Exhibit has been freshly overhauled, and the diverse plants and animals calling it home have had time to settle in - now it's your chance to join them!

The inquisitive red stumpnose cant wait to meet you! Credit: Mahesh Rao

The Kelp Forest Exhibit is home to more than 50 living species. Massive white steenbras, shy spotted gulley shark and darting fransmadam are just a few of the oceanic wonders you'll discover between the gas-filled stems of giant sea bamboo.

And, morning divers will get the chance to swim with the colony of delightful Northern rockhopper penguins too!

Other diving experiences?

Don't have an Advanced Open Water qualification? Don't worry, you can still dive at the Aquarium - we have options for divers of all skill levels, even complete novices!

Divers possessing an Open Water qualification can take a dip in with the ragged-tooth sharks in the Predator Exhibit, or get up close and personal with the curious creatures of the I&J Ocean Exhibit for a more relaxed diving experience.

Never dived before? Not a problem! If you would like to try scuba diving for the first time in the safety of the 6m deep I&J Ocean Exhibit, under the supervision of our trained instructor, you can complete an introductory short course and get diving on the same day. Contact the Dive Desk to arrange your course on dive@aquarium.co.za.

What's it like to scuba dive at the Two Oceans Aquarium?

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