18 July 2006

Dee shares her satellite secrets

Two Oceans Aquarium

Great news! After an anxious four-month waiting period, we’ve finally heard from Dee’s satellite tag which surfaced on 16 July 2006. Initial satellite information positioned her off the Sunshine coast. This means that she has, as we had hoped, travelled along the migratory route of wild ragged-tooth sharks. We’ve also received news from Lesley’s tag – she is a wild shark which was caught and tagged at the same time as Dee.

Lesley’s satellite tag indicated that she had travelled approximately 200km further than Dee and was in the vicinity of the Wild Coast. We hope to share more detailed information about their locations as well as information regarding depth, temperature and light patterns as soon as we receive it. The winners of the Tag Competition will hopefully be announced by the end of this week. Log on to http://www.aoca.org.za/ for more information.

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