28 May 2014

Construction continues on our new exhibit

Renée Leeuwner

It’s month four of construction of our new large-scale exhibit, and things are really happening.

In the last update we showed you the pouring of the base of the exhibit. Well, since then the four corner walls have been poured. This was a tricky business, as the process was new to the construction company. They did a sterling job, though, and everything turned out well.

The construction site, as seen from above. All photos by Renée Leeuwner
Special wall shutters are first built
Once everything is in place and the thumbs-up has been given, the pouring of the walls can start
The pouring of the wall is a slow process. It has to be done in one day to ensure that the cement settles evenly. It took six hours and six cement trucks to pour one of the corner walls. Mike de Maine, project manager for the Aquarium, keeps a close eye on all stages of the development
Top of the first wall that was poured
The shutters stay on for seven days to ensure that the cement dries properly
The construction of our new exhibit provides a perfect opportunity for training our own staff. Here, Benny Mraji receives onsite training

The finished product – one corner wall

The Aquarium remains open and operational during the construction of our new exhibit. Please visit us every day between 9.30am and 6pm. Pedestrian access remains unhindered.

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