02 December 2013

Connecting A(quarium) to B(us)

Lesley Barker
All photos by Lesley Barker

Visiting the Two Oceans Aquarium has become easier than ever with the addition of new MyCiTi bus routes, which opened on 2 November 2013. The new 104 route runs both ways from the Civic Centre terminal via the Waterfront and onwards to Sea Point. The bus has a stop just outside the Two Oceans Aquarium, conveniently called Aquarium.

The stop when travelling from the Civic Centre is just across the road

In order to travel on the bus you will need to purchase a myconnect card, onto which you can load any cash amount or Mover packages in denominations of R80, R100, R150, R200, R400, R600 or R1 000. Mover points will ensure a cheaper trip with a one-way fee between Civic Centre and Aquarium of R5.20 in peak time and R4.40 out of peak times (for more information visit the MyCiTi website).

The route is labelled in yellow and is conveniently coded with 104 to avoid confusion

As a Two Oceans Aquarium staff member, I take the bus to and from the Aquarium every day as an alternative to using a car. This way I avoid the traffic, and have a clean and comfortable trip while I read my book or surf the Internet on my phone. The buses run every 20 minutes during the week and every 30 minutes on the weekend, which gives me ample time to plan my trip, and so far the buses have been on time every day. I also save on finding and paying for parking, which is an added benefit for the day-tripper, especially over the busy season.

The route runs all the way to Queen’s Beach in Sea Point. Photo courtesy of MyCiTi

The bus is not only convenient and eco-friendly but also fun, taking an interesting route via the CTICC on its way into the Waterfront; and with many connecting routes running from the Atlantic Seaboard, the City Bowl and the Southern Suburbs, it makes for an exciting addition to your Aquarium trip.

The MyCiTi bus system continues to go from strength to strength, with new routes planned for the coming years. Their website details an impressive vision for their future endeavours, which will put MyCiTi on par with international public transport systems. At last, the eco-conscious commuter has a viable public transport option in Cape Town, which is reliable, cost-effective and adheres to Euro 4 emission standards, making it the perfect green choice for your daily commute.

For updates on new routes and any expected delays or other updates, follow MyCiTi on Twitter or Facebook.

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