Congratulations to the following people who each won a set of double tickets to the Aquarium through the August/September Close-up Animal Quiz .

  1. Nadja Meyer
  2. Amy Lindsay
  3. Natalie Sim
  4. Lisa Boonzaaier

They did so by correctly identifying 10 Aquarium animals from close-up photographs. Well done! We hope you have a fintastic time at the Aquarium. 

Without further delay, here are the creatures we featured in the competition.

1. We asked: Whose face is this?

Answer: Balo the Clownfish

Balo the Clownfish is one of our best-loved mascots and she walks around the Aquarium and the V&A Waterfront on special occasions.

2. We asked: Whose tentacles are these?

Answer: The box jelly

These jellies have strong tentacles armed with thousands of stinging cells called “nematocysts”. These cells are used to stun and kill prey, which is then pulled into the mouth by the jelly’s tentacles.

3. We asked: To whom do these feet belong?

Answer: Ayoba, the African penguin

Ayoba hatched in the Aquarium back in 2010, and makes regular visits to our offices behind-the-scenes.

4. We asked: Whose eye is this?

Answer: Giant guitar fish

The giant guitar fish is listed as vulnerable on the IUCN red list as its population is believed to have declined significantly due to unregulated high levels of exploitation for its flesh and fins; the latter for shark fin soup.

5. We asked: Who's going dotty here?

Answer: Soap fish

The soap fish produces a toxin, from its skin, that resembles lathered soap – hence the name. 

6. We asked: Whose frills are these?

Answer: Feather-duster anemone


A photo posted by Vicki �� (@vicki_helen) on


Feather-duster anemones are cold water dwellers. They occur in intertidal to sub-tidal zones, down to depths of 200m.

7. We asked: Who's ogling us? 

Answer: Giant red hermit crab

Most hermit crabs live in rock pools and can often be seen scurrying up and down beaches. You can see a hermit crab at our Touch Pool

8. We asked: Whose fins are these?

Answer: Yellowfin tuna

Only the luckiest game fishermen have ever seen these beauties in the wild. Now, you can see a school of yellowfin tuna up close and personal in the I&J Ocean Exhibit!

9. We asked: Whose shell is this? 

Answer: A loggerhead turtle hatchling

Did you know? We've been rehabilitating sea turtles for years. From April through to the end of winter every year, the public is asked to keep an eye open for hatchling loggerhead sea turtles that wash up on beaches along the Eastern and Western Cape coasts as a result of rough sea conditions. The Aquarium rehabilitates the small turtles and once ready, they are released.

10. We asked: Whose markings are these?

Answer: Regal tang

This fish goes by several names: regal tangs, blue tangs, palette surgeons, or Dory

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