At the Two Oceans Aquarium, we believe that a "close encounter" is when you become so close to an animal, that a connection is formed - one where you can experience a little bit of what it is like to be that animal, live in its alien ocean world and can learn to empathise with it and its fellow sea creatures. Here in Cape Town, we offer you the opportunity to experience close encounters of the animal kind - there is no better way to surround yourself with the wonder and mystery of South Africa's underwater world.


Encounter jellyfish

The ultimate ocean alien, jellies have a lesson to share with us all about how little we actually know about the ocean, how fragile it is. Be enchanted by their enigmatic pulses in the Jelly Gallery.

“The room with the jellyfish is ethereal.” – Laura F./TripAdvisor

Encounter sharks

Ragged-tooth sharks have a lesson to share about being misunderstood. Scarred, but gorgeous. Fierce, but gentle. Get close to the sharks of the Predator Exhibit, join them for feeding time, and be daring enough to scuba dive with them.

“The ragged-tooth sharks are ugly and beautiful at the same time. Amazing!” – CoopsBristol/TripAdvisor

Encounter the little things

The tiny crustaceans and slimy seaweeds of the Touch Pool offer the ultimate hands-on close encounter - one where you'll discover what it takes to survive on our harsh coasts, and how these animals can benefit humans too.

“You may think that you have been to touch pools in aquariums before but this one had a difference. There was a person there to describe what the things you were touching are and give information about what the animals were used for, what special features they had or how they lived and survived. Hats off to the staff that man the exhibits. They were very enthusiastic and great to talk to. ” – Alan R/Tripadvisor

Encounter the open ocean

Encountering the ecosystem of the I&J Ocean Exhibit is to take a step into total tranquillity. Watch the rays of sunlight flicker off the backs of actual rays, watch the fish glide gracefully, and see the tiniest animals coexist with the largest. If there is a lesson to be learnt from the open ocean, it is that beauty can come from chaos.

“I am fascinated by the rays. When I see the under belly, I always think they are smiling at me.” – Brenda W/Tripadvisor

Encounter more

Spider crabs, coral reefs, nocturnal cave dwellers, adorable penguins and a whole lot more - a world of close encounters awaits at the Two Oceans Aquarium.

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