What an exciting Plastic Free July is has been for our Rethink the Bag campaign - for a single-use plastic bag free South Africa. With the support of Twyg Magazine and The Beach Co-op, we kicked the month off by inviting every-day consumers and celebrities alike to pledge to give up disposable plastic bags for good.

Thirty-one local celebrities took up this cause sharing the plastic-free message that resonated most intensely with them. These celebs have been joined by more than 150 of YOU that have made your own #RethinkTheBag pledges online and added your voice to the growing pledgers' role.



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Meet the celebrity pledgers:

#1 Zolani Mahola

#2 Tarina Patel

#3 Siv Ngesi

#4 Shannon Elizabeth

#5 Rati Lekalakala

#6 Tumi Morake

#7 Jordy Smith

#8 Natalie Maimane

#9 Wendy Knowler

#10 Frank Solomon

#11 Nik Rabinowitz

#12 Jacquie Myburgh

#13 Siba Mtongana

#14 Grant "Twiggy" Baker

#15 Carol Bouwer


#rethinktheplasticbag We all have every intention to do right by future generations and leave them a world we are proud not to have completely destroyed. When @jacquie_myburgh shared images illustrating our impact on the ocean and how we were killing the very species most of us proudly raise funds to save I realized it was time I also played a small part in living the conservation I so easily speak! Friends, I ask you please to join us in saying goodbye to plastic bags. Let us begin to embrace what will surely be cumbersome at first yet I assure we will get used to doing what feels correct - ultimately. Let us begin to take our own re-usable bags to the market, supermarket etc with us! We are now accustomed to recycling and sorting our trash at home so this will also become second nature! Thank you @jackiemay_sa for inviting me on this journey- I am proud to say NO TO PLASTIC BAGS! A bright, fun yet functional bag is what I encourage you to take grocery shopping while still looking chic! #rethinktheplasticbag

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#16 Eusebius McKaiser


Do I look good in this reusable shopping bag that's a great alternative to plastic? Most of us needlessly use single-use plastic bags which we throw away 20 minutes later. This is bad for humans, and for the environment: most of these end up in remote parts of the planet and at the bottom of our oceans harming many species irreparably, quite apart from much of the toxic chemicals added in the manufacture of plastic finding their way back into the human food chains. I refuse to buy or accept single-use plastic shopping bags. I will take my own reusable bags to the shops. Join me and pledge to #RethinkTheBag I also nominate @azania_ and @djfreshsa to make this pledge. #julyfreeplastic #rethinkthebag @twygmag

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#17 Ard Matthews

#18 Makoma Lekalakala

#19 Phemelo Motene

#20 Seth Shezi


P L A N E T O R P L A S T I C ________________________________ A sunny Friday in July is a real treat, not many would pass the chance to enjoy our oceans as I did in the first video. Well it’s not going to be possible for much longer if we continue to use single-use plastic at the rate we are - see video 2 for some of the parts of the world where our unconsidered actions are starting to catch up with us. Video 3 is just me considering the impact and making my decision: From today I refuse to buy or accept single-use plastic shopping bags. I will take my own reusable bags to the shops, I currently use a nifty @thejoinerysa one I got from @woolworths_sa. Join me, and pledge to #RethinkTheBag. _____________________________ Thank you @twygmag for mobilizing his drive and aiding in preserving our oceans for future generations. #savetheplanet #planetorplastic #plasticpollution #natgeoyourshot #lovecapetown

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#21 Francois van Coke

#22 Roxy Louw

#23 Susana Kennedy

#24 Catherine Constantinides

#25 Jack Parow

#26 Faine Pearl


Diving almost every day along Cape Town’s coastline, there is not a moment where I don’t see plastic, whether it’s urchins using pieces of plastic as a form of armouring or plastic bags and wrappers floating through the midwater. I have chosen to refuse using plastic bags, but I have also chosen to collect as much plastic as I can, be it while diving or walking along a beach. I now attach a meshed bag to my weight belt which allows me to store any plastic that I find. We have reached a situation in which plastic has become the new invasive species, a monster of our own creation, proliferating along our beaches, rivers, seas and now our food chain too. With @twygmag, @2oceansaquarium and @thebeachco_op I have taken the pledge to refuse to buy or accept single-use plastic shopping bags. I will take my own reusable bags to the shops. You too can join me to #RethinkTheBag by making your own pledge. As part of the pledge I challenge @chrisrogers and @nicoleeddy to #RethinkTheBag

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#27 Ndumiso Lindi

#28 Elle Bella Constantinides

#29 Schalk Bezuidenhout

#30 Kahn Morbee

#31 Pippa Hudson

Keep an eye out for the last of the celebrity pledgers today on #RethinkTheBag!

If you'd like to learn more about Twyg and get to know the month's celebrity pledgers a bit more - check out the full article on the Twyg website.

Just because Plastic Free July is over, doesn't mean plastic pollution doesn't matter - in fact, this problem is worse than ever! You can support the global move towards a more environmentally sustainable planet by making your own Rethink the Bag pledge, and learning about sustainable shopping choices and reusable alternatives to everyday disposable items. Good luck!

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