On 6 April 2016, the Two Oceans Aquarium launched the new underwater photography exhibition “Cape Town’s Underwater Wilderness”, with spectacular images dedicated to the marine world found off the coast of the Western Cape.

The photos will be up for two months, so make a point of having a look

The exhibition will only run for April and May and funds raised through the sale of the photos will be donated to Shark Spotters for one of their hugely important marine research projects.

At the launch on 6 Apri, from left: Two Oceans Aquarium CEO Michael Farquhar, Dive Action General Manager Sarah Carter, exhibition curator Jean Tresfon, Two Oceans Aquarium Curator Maryke Musson

This exhibition forms part of the visitor experience of the Aquarium and is included in the entrance fee.

Shark Spotters Research Manager Alison Kock interviewed by the media at the launch

Bringing together nine award-winning photographers and showcasing 90 photos, the exhibition, curated by Jean Tresfon, not only shows the beauty found below the waves of the Western Cape shores, but also aims to promote diving opportunities around Cape Town.

Maryke Musson and Jean Tresfon put their heads and hearts together for the exhibition, with the aim to promote diving in the region and so build on conservation efforts

The photographers

The photographers, from left: Morne Hardenberg, Graham Fenwick, Olivia Anderson, John Vowels, Kate Jonker, Allen Walker, Jean Tresfon and Geoff Spiby. Not present: Steven Benjamin

Jean Tresfon 

Photo by Jean Tresfon

Steven Benjamin 

Photo by Steven Benjamin

Geoff Spiby 

Photo by Geoff Spiby

Allen Walker

Photo by Allen Walker

Kate Jonker 

Photo by Kate Jonker

Olivia Anderson 

Photo by Olivia Anderson

Graham Fenwick

Photo by Graham Fenwick

John Vowels 

Photo by John Vowels

Morne Hardenberg

Photo by Morne Hardenberg

The breathtaking glimpse into the immense beauty of our marine heritage will however, enthral both divers and non-divers alike. Once the exhibition has been concluded, 80 of the photos will be sold at R1 000 each. Each photographer’s top photo will be offered up on auction (to be announced at a later stage). All funds raised will be donated to Shark Spotters and will be used for a marine research project.

The exhibition is proudly brought to you by the Two Oceans Aquarium, Orms Print Room & Framing, Nauticam and Dive Action. 

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