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Shoreline Café, the Two Oceans Aquarium’s on-site restaurant, is under new ownership.

Thelma Vogiatzis is the new owner of the restaurant space at the Two Oceans Aquarium, as well as the new food offerings inside our facility - coming soon! 

Thelma Vogiatzis, who has taken over the restaurant operations, grew up in the restaurant business and has been working in the industry since she left school. She is assisted by her father Nicolas Vogiatzis.

Thelma’s connection to the Aquarium goes back many happy years. “I raised my three kids through the Aquarium, so I have a very strong connection to this place and what it represents. It’s about marrying an amazing educational offering to an entertainment space with this kind of view. It’s wonderful; a blessing.”

Regular visitors to the Aquarium may have already noticed the short-term menu changes. The tailor-made breakfast and lunch menus are smaller, but there is more emphasis on healthy and fresh options, like salmon and scrambled eggs, croissants, pain au chocolat, oats that have been soaked overnight, and yoghurt and fruit. The lunch menu is also smaller, but more structured and considered.

“We’ve got fillet, T-bone, rump and sirloin - whereas before there was only one cut of meat. The T-bone has been specifically tailored for the hungrier client. And we’ve got a smaller selection of salads, but they’re all very different. For example, the Greek salad is now called the Greek Island, and it has calamari.” But, says Thelma, “We’ve kept the classic fish and chips option, because everyone comes to the Shoreline for the best fish and chips!”

There’s also a new wine list and craft beer along with the usual beverages like coffee and cooldrinks.

More offerings, more options

In knowing the Aquarium and its offerings so well, and understanding what our visitors and members – many of them moms and dads with small children – want and need, Thelma and her team are uniquely placed to bring in a range of new offerings to the Aquarium that do not end with a revamped menu at Shoreline Café.

Come mid-July, Shoreline Café will shut down for a complete revamp. When it opens again in September, it will be a brand new space. There are so many surprises that we can’t wait to tell you all about (watch this space!) but you’ll have to wait, like us, before all is revealed.

All Thelma will say at this time is that they’re going to launch with a “world-renowned” concept that will move away from the “dine and dash”, canteen-style eating of the current restaurant, towards a much more exciting and sophisticated offering befitting a location like the V&A Waterfront.

The brand new restaurant, which will have a brand new name, will also be open in the evenings after the Aquarium closes.

If you’re wondering where or what you’ll eat when Shoreline Café closes, don’t worry! Thelma and her team are opening the brand new café-cum-coffee shop that will open in front of the main window of the new large-scale exhibit – set to open in June this year. This will be the new “grab and go” option, with wraps, sandwiches, pre-packed salads, muffins and croissants, coffee and juice, as well as beer and wine for late-afternoon guests.

This new café will end the need for visitors to leave the Aquarium to find something to eat - instead, they can stay and play for longer.

The Snack Stop at the AfriSam Children's Play Centre is also getting a revamp

Similarly, the Snack Stop in the AfriSam Children’s Play Centre is also getting a revamp with more and better snack options for parents and tots. “There will be good food in areas throughout the Aquarium, so you don’t have to come up to the restaurant to grab a bite! Now parents can sit and play and stay for longer without leaving the facility,” says Thelma. “We’re also opening a brand new gelateria outside.”

There are so many great changes to look forward to in so little time! We’re gearing up for the most wonderful winter and we can’t wait to sea you.

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