28 June 2011

Behind the Scenes tour a hit with members

Two Oceans Aquarium

The Two Oceans Aquarium recently held another Behind the Scenes tour. The tour was a great success and the Aquarium received a lot of positive feedback. Here are a few comments from members who enjoyed a fresh look at the Aquarium ...

A ragged-tooth shark will go through around 20 000 teeth in its lifetime

I appreciate the Aquarium and all the hard work that the staff does every day. I would like to do this tour again and bring along others too. I really enjoyed Vincent’s guided tour. – Shaheen Goolam Mohammed

A view of some of the Aquarium's fish tanks from above

Thank you for the opportunity to go on the Behind the Scenes tour. It was really amazing and the guide was very knowledgeable. – Russel Brown

We had an amazing time on the tour. We want to do the next tour and bring our friends along too. – Geiger family

Top of the Kelp Forest Exhibit at the Aquarium, with Table Mountain in the background

I was fascinated with the tour. When you walk through the Aquarium you don’t realise what happens behind the scenes. It seems like it’s such an easy job but I didn’t realise that it took such hard work to run the Aquarium. How you get your water into the Aquarium… what an amazing process! Vincent was a great tour guide. He has been at the Aquarium for a long time and is very knowledgeable. I will recommend this to everyone. – Igsaan Slamong

I have learned so much after becoming a member [of the Aquarium]. The place touches my soul and brings peace and serenity. After the Behind the Scenes tour with Douw, I realised what work and effort goes into maintaining this place and appreciate it much more. Amazingly wondrous. – Chris Heuer

Images courtesy @sugarbean555, one of our biggest sea fans on Twitter.

Our cool guide: Tinus
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