Become everyone’s favourite teacher by starting your school year with a visit to the Two Oceans Aquarium! Getting out of the traditional classroom and visiting our Environmental Education Centre is a great way to augment curriculum learning. 

Our Environmental Education Centre wants to make it easier for you by offering a "Back to School" special: Book an Aquarium lesson and visit for your class for just R45 per child!

For only R45 per child you can bring your school group to the Two Oceans Aquarium and experience one or more fun, hands-on lessons in one of our Discovery Centre classrooms. For the little ones (ages 3 and up to 9) we offer educational puppet shows in our I&J Children’s Play Centre.

This special offer is valid from 9 January 2019 to 8 February 2019 for groups of 10 or more children. Contact Carrin Blake on or 021 814 4559 to make your booking.

Ready to book? Download the booking form here.

About school group bookings

Our Environmental Education Centre invites school and youth groups to open up a whole new world of hands-on discovery for the students in your care. Explore our exciting, informative, beautiful exhibits and the more-than-3 000 fascinating creatures that inhabit them, then sit back and observe as our carefully designed curriculum integrates activities are delivered by our qualified and experienced educators.

Our Discovery Centres are more than just classrooms. Each is equipped with a wide range of stimulating and interactive educational aids, from mini, living ecosystems in small exhibits on each desk to electronic whiteboards, digital microscopes and dissection equipment. Every lesson promises hands-on excitement and memorable teachings.

Offered by well qualified, vibrant and effective environmental educators, the activities are balanced with fun and messages aimed at empowering the youth to make a difference. Our activities are designed to lead learners to discover and learn about the freshwater, coastal and marine environments.

Learn more about our school group options and booking procedures here.

Diverse lesson topics available

From pre-school to matric, our professional educators have a wide variety of expertly designed and curriculum-relevant lessons ready for your class. Take your pick: 

Pre-School activities

Our puppet shows centre on colours and counting, smart living, keeping our beaches clean, turtles, penguins and marine food chains.

Foundation Phase: Grades 1-3

Lesson topics include Fish and Underwater Wonders.

Intermediate Phase: Grades 4-6

Lesson topics include Fish, Sharks and their Relatives, Water Conservation and Rocky Shore Ecology.

Senior Phase: Grades 7-9

Lesson topics include Fish, Sharks, Underwater Wonders, Data Collection, Kelp Holdfast Ecology and the Rocky Shore.

FET Phase: Grades 10-12

Lesson topics include Fish, Sharks, Invertebrates, Data Collection, Ecotourism in our Two Oceans and Biodiversity in our Two Oceans.

Book now, for less, and start 2019 off on a wondrous watery note!

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