04 April 2014

Aquarium expansion: Two months in

Renée Leeuwner – Assistant Communications & Sustainability Manager at Two Oceans Aquarium

It is amazing how quickly time seems to fly when a building is being constructed – one day there’s a parking lot and, what feels like the next, there are bulldozers, cranes, cement and foundations in its place.

This past month was the second in the construction of the Aquarium’s new large-scale exhibit, and things are certainly happening. Below are some photos of the progress that has been made:

Any exhibit needs well-planned pipe work. This needs to be installed while the exhibit is being built so that it can be hidden from the view of visitors, to create a more authentic experience
The exhibit needs to be mapped out – right from the beginning
Owing to the weight of all the water, the tank needs to be very strong, and therefore needs a lot of steel to help strengthen the walls and the floor
Yes, we are!
And we’re very excited!
The Aquarium remains open and operational during the construction of our new exhibit. Please visit us every day between 9.30am and 6pm. Pedestrian access remains unhindered. All photos by Renée Leeuwner

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