Anette the loggerhead turtle was rescued in late July 2019 by a team from the NSRI who found her tangled in a ghost fishing net that had washed up on a local beach. Anette was very lucky to have survived - but she still had a long way to go as she headed to the Two Oceans Aquarium for recovery in our sea turtle rehabilitation facility.

Learn more about Anette's epic rescue here.

Since her rescue, Anette hasn't been feeding properly and she is having difficulty diving below the surface as there is a buildup of gas inside her, causing her to be too buoyant. This is a strong indication of a digestive system issue - because of their slow metabolisms, turtles take a very long time to recover from these.

We decided that the best thing we could do for Anette is to allow her to swim in the big I&J Ocean Exhibit, where the increased size and depth of the exhibit will encourage her to get more exercise and boost her metabolism and healing process. Even though Anette is now visible to be public, she is still very much under veterinary supervision.

We are sure Anette that would want visiting members of the public to learn about her rescue to draw attention to the issue of ghost nets - fishing gear that is accidentally or intentionally abandoned in the ocean. This ghost gear continues to kill sea creatures, accounting for up to 70% of all animal entanglements, and forming as much as 46% of all floating ocean debris.

We hope that Anette will make a speedy recovery so that she can soon be released back into the wild!

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