Many celebrities, businesses and every-day South Africans are adding their voices to the #RethinkTheBag cause, by pledging to give up single-use plastic bags and other items that are polluting the environment. Our friends at Kaskazi Kayaks recently took their pledge out to the ocean, where the effects of our daily reliance on disposable plastic does its greatest damage...

Undoubtedly, by now you would have heard the many calls for bans on plastic items and to rethink single-use plastic bags in South Africa, but do you know just how badly plastic is affecting our oceans? The facts may shock you...

Dolphins are common visitors to the Cape's coast.

Over the last few decades, increased human activities have severely affected our ocean's marine life. Ocean pollution is the spread of harmful substances like oil, plastic and industrial waste as well as chemical particles in our oceans.

It has been estimated that about 8 MILLION TONS is dumped into our oceans each year… still not convinced this is a problem? Well… here’s another figure… that results in over 100 MILLION marine animals killed each year as a result of plastic debris in the ocean.

An ocean sunfish (Mola mola) basks in the sun.

The need to protect our oceans grows with each passing day and it doesn’t take a scientist to notice how bad the problem is becoming. When last did you walk down a beach without finding plastic and waste that didn’t belong there?

Where does it come from and how can it be prevented? Well, that can be answered in one word… “YOU”. The real question is, “Do you want to make a difference?”

Through our guided kayak tours in Sea Point / Moullie Point, our guests, unfortunately, experience this first hand. The upside? We try our utmost to clean our oceans every time we head out.

Plastic bags, bottle caps, chip packets... this is what we are doing to our ocean right here in Cape Town.

We frequently hear the shock and horror from our guests following the trip at the amount of  plastic and waste they see in and amongst the amazing dolphins, penguins, seals and other sea life along our coastline and so, alongside our friends at the Two Oceans Aquarium, we are working hard to get as many people to “Rethink the Bag” as possible.

At Kaskazi Kayaks we’re now calling out to you to help us make a difference. Change starts with the smallest act, be it ditching plastic straws or rethinking plastic single-use bags, if we all take the first step towards pledging ourselves to make a small difference it adds up to a massive difference.

Cape Town shares its waters with the endangered African black-footed penguin.

 We have already pledged ourselves to #RethinkTheBag. Will you join us?

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