On this day 22 years ago, the Two Oceans Aquarium opened its doors to the public for the very first time - a day that some of us here at the Aquarium remember well, as we were fortunate enough to experience it for ourselves. Avid photographer Jana Marnewick recently spent some time exploring the Aquarium, capturing beautiful images of the home we have built for the ocean's ambassadors over the last 22 years.

The highlight of the past year has certainly been the return of ragged-tooth sharks to the Predator Exhibit. The giant Samtu is slowly taking on the role of the Aquarium's matriarch. Image courtesy of Jana Marnewick.

Many things have changed in 22 years - we've grown and expandedexhibits have changed and incredible people have come and gone. Through it all the Aquarium has become a world-class marine education and conservation facility, and a beloved icon of Cape Town (thanks Mzansi!).

As we welcomed some newcomers, we are also getting ready to bid farewell to one of the Aquarium's most iconic animals - Yoshi the magnificent loggerhead sea turtle is going to be released during this summer. We'll miss her. Image courtesy of Jana Marnewick.

As we reflect on fond memories of the past 22 years, we also look at how far we have come. The years gone by have been amazing, but we know that the years to come will surely be filled with even greater adventure.

22 years spent creating lifelong memories - sounds like time well spent! Image courtesy of Jana Marnewick.
Over 22 years, we've welcomed some truly majestic creatures, like this short-tail stingray, the largest stingray species in the world. Image courtesy of Jana Marnewick.
And some smaller wonders - still stars of the show. Image courtesy of Jana Marnewick.
We've watched the largest crab species that has ever lived on Earth thrive in its new Aquarium home. Image courtesy of Jana Marnewick.
And we've watched some smaller (and cuter) orange critters "wow" a younger generation of ocean-lovers. Image courtesy of Jana Marnewick.
Perhaps most importantly, 22 years has instilled an even deeper appreciation of the ocean's wonders in our staff, volunteers, partners, visitors, campaigners, and researchers. Image courtesy of Jana Marnewick.
Thank you, Our Ocean, for sharing your beautiful bounty with us. Image courtesy of Jana Marnewick.

The Two Oceans Aquarium's History:

On 13 November 1995, the Two Oceans Aquarium was opened to the public for the very first time - a feat that was only possible thanks to the thousands of hours committed by countless passionate volunteers and staff members. Today, 22 years later, the Aquarium still runs on that same backbone - passion and a love for the ocean and its inhabitants.

The Two Oceans Aquarium has since grown to be a top tourist destination, but also an institution internationally respected for its contributions to state-of-the-art environmental education programmes, conservation efforts and animal husbandry.  Whether you are a curious visitor, beached turtle, intrepid researcher, environmentally-minded volunteer or inquisitive learner, the Two Oceans Aquarium has become a second home you can depend on.

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