I&J Predator Exhibit

A collection of predators

Without a doubt, the most popular animals in the Two Oceans Aquarium are the ragged-tooth sharks, housed in the I&J Predator Exhibit and visible through an enormous 11m-wide by 4m-high acrylic panel.

This 2-million-litre exhibit also showcases an impressive collection of predatory fish from the South African south coast. 

These include shoals of yellowtail, garrick, dusky kob and black musselcracker.

There are several spectacular viewing points, such as the semi-tunnel, which hugs the perimeter of the exhibit. This affords visitors close encounters with the sharks, rays, a loggerhead turtle, a green sea turtle and fish.

Got a scuba licence?

You can dive in this exhibit.

The animals in the I&J Predator Exhibit are fed daily at 15h00.

Sharks are fed at 15h00 on Sundays. Click here for a complete feeding-times schedule.

Photo courtesy of K Schermbrucker Photo courtesy of K Schermbrucker