Things to do

While you’re here ...

Visit the Touch Pool

Our staff and volunteers provide visitors with fascinating snippets of ocean information, thereby enhancing the quality of any visit substantially.

Step closer to the Touch Pool and see anemones up close and personal.

Zoom in

Many of the animals you see at the Cold Water Mosaic Exhibit in the Atlantic Ocean Gallery can be seen magnified at the Hi-Tec Microscope display.

This display opens up a new world of delicate tentacles, tube feet, suckers and nippers.

Watch some of the remarkable activities of creatures such as goose barnacles, cushion stars and sea cucumbers as they feed, breathe and even give birth!


Face to face with ragged-tooth sharks. Photograph by Geoff Spiby Face to face with ragged-tooth sharks. Photograph by Geoff Spiby

Go diving!

Diving in the Aquarium offers the unique opportunity to “get close” to ragged-tooth sharks and shoals of large predators such as yellowtail, dusky kob and black- and white musselcracker – a dive which one cannot experience in the natural environment. Advanced divers are also able to feed the multitude of fishes housed in the Ocean Basket Kelp Forest Exhibit, one of the best displays of its kind in the world.

Got a scuba licence? Go diving.

Have your picture taken

Visit the booth and have your Aquarium moment immortalised for free. All pictures are uploaded to's website and you can check them out at any time.