• Suppliers and contractors are requested to complete a supplier questionnaire form to give us an indication of their environmental status. When new contractors are signed up, they receive a copy of our Environmental Charter and the supplier questionnaire in the contract
  • Shoreline Café has switched from using palm oil to using a pure sunflower oil. The production of palm oil is responsible for decimating rainforests and animal habitats
  • Suppliers of chemicals and cleaning products are required to submit material safety data sheets for all products, to ensure that only environmentally friendly products are used wherever possible
  • Shoreline Café is the first Marine Stewardship Council Chain of Custody-certified restaurant in Africa

Overfishing is one of the major problems facing the oceans today. More and more people rely on seafood as a source of protein, and as a healthy and ethical alternative to farmed red meat. As the first MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) Chain of Custody-certified restaurant in Africa, Shoreline Café promotes sustainable seafood choices. Restaurants serving MSC-certified sustainable seafood can be assessed to the MSC Chain of Custody standard for traceability. Successful restaurants are entitled to use the MSC eco-label on menus, packaging and other point-of-sale material, to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable management practices to their customers.