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We run a number of FREE courses for learners from Grade 6 to 12 throughout the year. This is where you'll find course info, and how to apply.

Junior Biologist Course – Grade 6s

Our Junior Biologist (JB) course is a free, entry level course to our Marine Sciences Academy. Aimed at grade 6s, we are looking for youngsters with a keen interest in marine life and conservation. This three day course introduces our marine life found along our coastline, the concept of water, ocean currents and many more marine-related topics. The course is very hands-on, with various outings included.

To apply, please contact Katja Rockstroh on for application forms or call 021 814 4555 for more information.

  • Dates: 18 & 25 February and 4 March 2017
  • Application deadline: 27 January 2017

Smart Living Course – Grade 7s

Proudly sponsored by the City of Cape Town, our Smart Living Course aims to educate young people about the four pillars of sustainability: Biodiversity, Waste, Energy and Water.

Our hope is to develop an interest in and respect the sensitive nature and beauty of our planet. By conserving our biodiversity, understanding and saving energy, minimising waste and saving water, we want to increase awareness of what positive actions can be made to protect our environment.
While this course is not strictly a marine themed course, the importance of understanding nature, its processes and how we affect them, is an important stepping stone towards any potential career in the sciences.

For application forms, please contact Katja on

  • Course dates: 6, 13, 20 & 27 May and 3 June 2017
  • Application deadline: 31 March 2017

SeaFans Course – Grade 9s

In its third year, the SeaFans course is proving to be more and more popular. A free, introductory course to oceanography and marine careers, this course is ideally suited for grade 9s who have an interest in marine life and science and who are considering this as a career path. This is especially important for grade 9s, as this is the grade in which final subject choices are made.

The course runs over five days, covering various physical aspects of the oceans, with a few animal examples added to the mix. We ensure that the course is as hands-on as possible, with various activities and outings included. To apply, please provide the following:

  1. Write a letter of motivation (about 350 to 800 words) asking to participate. In this letter students should illustrate how they have come to be interested in marine science and how they feel this course will benefit them. They can also express their future career interests and leadership aspirations. Candidates will be selected mainly on the strength of this motivation, so it is imperative to put time and thought into its compilation. A contact e-mail address and phone number should be indicated so that we can contact them directly.
  2. The application needs to be accompanied by a supporting letter written by a Teacher or the Principal to indicate that the applicant shows potential in terms of Life Science/ Biology and geography.

Use the application form at the bottom of the page to apply.

  • Dates: 11 to 15 July 2016
  • Application deadline: 3 June 2016

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