Scuba dive beneath the water surface and experience a world of Cape Town's ocean wonders! 

If you've always wanted to scuba dive with sharks, or just know what it's like to scuba dive in Cape Town, you've come to the right place. 

Swim with our sharks & more

Scub diving at the Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town is certainly worthy of being included on the bucket list of any experienced diver, adrenalin junkie or just someone who would like to experience the incredible feeling of being surrounded by the remarkable animals that call the underwater world their home.

Anyone interested in diving in the I&J Predator Exhibit needs to have a minimum of a Discover Scuba qualification. They can attain this limited qualification either with our onsite instructor or through another dive school. If they qualify with another instructor, that instructor needs to accompany them (at no charge) on their dive in the I&J Predator Exhibit together with our dive instructor.

Diving in the I&J Predator Exhibit is available to divers with an Open Water 1 qualification, while diving in the Ocean Basket Kelp Forest Exhibit is limited to divers that have an advance qualification.

Not qualified? Not a problem. See “get your scuba qualification” below for more information.

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  With own gear With Aquarium gear
Non-members R600 R790
Members R450 R595

Please note: All divers must be qualified with a minimum Open Water 1 qualification and must present their dive card, logbook or certificate upon arrival.

Get your scuba qualification

Not a qualified scuba diver? Iain’s Scuba School at the Two Oceans Aquarium can help! Iain Robertson is our resident dive master. He has been operating from the Two Oceans Aquarium for over a decade.

Terms and conditions

Please make sure you have read and understand our terms and conditions before booking your dive with us.

  1. Bookings must be made at least one day in advance and are subject to availability.
  2. Prices are subject to change without notice.
  3. All divers must be qualified and must present their dive card, logbook or certificate upon arrival at the Aquarium.
  4. In line with recognised diving practice, dives may not occur if divers are to fly less than 12 hours after the dive time.
  5. For safety reasons, the diver must be at least 12 years old to dive at the Two Oceans Aquarium. Divers between 12 and 15 may only dive if they are accompanied by a parent/guardian who is also a qualified diver.
  6. When reporting for your dive, always report to the Visitor Centre 30 minutes before your dive time, eg report at 10h30 for 11h00 dive. If you are not on time, your dive will be cancelled and you will be liable for the entire dive booking fee.
  7. If you fail to produce your dive qualification (dive card or logbook) on the day of the dive, your dive will be cancelled and you will be liable for the full amount.
  8. The Aquarium entrance fee for divers is included in the dive price. Adult visitors (up to five people) accompanying divers pay student rates and children pay normal rates.

A video taken by one of our recent visitors