Two Oceans Aquarium captures your great moments

By Two Oceans Aquarium / 30 May 2011

Visitors to the Aquarium can now take advantage of an on-site, exclusive photography service. Kodak’s South African agents, Tijan Media Concepts, have been awarded a post at Two Oceans Aquarium, located just outside the I&J Predator Exhibit.

Member discounts

Kodak Tijan Media Concepts offers a 40% discount for members outside of school holidays and a 30% discount during school holidays.

Available for kids’ parties!

Tijan extends Kodak’s unsurpassed professional quality plus a free photographer for kiddies parties, providing the parties take place in Two Oceans Aquarium normal operating hours – on the basis that a minimum number of photographs, beautifully framed, are purchased. We’ll drop in the birthday boy or girl’s name.

Each photograph is beautifully framed and costs R40 (including VAT) per print, with an added bonus for the birthday child who will receive one free family photo in a frame as a birthday gift.

Booking is essential.

Hire Kodak for your private and corporate functions

For private and corporate functions, Tijan offers photographers on-site, at very reasonable rates combining tailor-made packages. All photographs are printed on site and presented in beautiful Two Oceans Aquarium frames by the end of the event.  Copies may be downloaded on CD and will be available for a further four days following the date of the function.

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  1. Winston Lawrence
    Winston Lawrence’s avatar
    27/07/2011 #

    It is rather harrasing, the photographers’ approach.

    What are the actual photo costs at the aquarium (member)?

    thank you

  2. Renee Leeuwner
    Renee Leeuwner’s avatar
    28/07/2011 #

    Dear Winston

    Thank you for your comment. Your feedback is valuable to us and we will definitely look into the matter.
    Many thanks!

  3. Gerda
    Gerda’s avatar
    23/10/2011 #

    Hi, where can I find the photo’s that we took at the aquariums selfhelp camera?

  4. Admin
    Admin’s avatar
    04/11/2011 #

    HI Gerda - apologies for the delay in getting back to you!

    You can check out the BeenThere.TV (self-help) pics here:

    Let us know if you have any hassles!

  5. Petru van der Walt
    Petru van der Walt’s avatar
    11/01/2012 #

    More of a question please…Will be arriving by ship on March 30th Want to visit 2 oceans, there any facility for storing our bags(4) for about 4 hours while visiting the aquarium and waterfront, before departing on our next leg?/

  6. nawal
    nawal’s avatar
    03/05/2012 #

    i would like to know if we are allowed to take our own photos on our phones,cameras etc

  7. Admin
    Admin’s avatar
    03/05/2012 #

    Hi Nawal - yes, you are very welcome to do that. If you are using flash photography, we ask that you angle the flash at 45 degrees to the glass of the exhibits.