New ticket prices from 1 April 2011

By Two Oceans Aquarium / 29 March 2011

The Two Oceans Aquarium’s new ticket prices will kick in on 1 April 2011. The good news is that you can still buy your tickets to the Aquarium online at a reduced rate.

The new ticket prices, from 1 April, are as follows

This is what you’ll pay if you buy your ticket from the Aquarium ticket office from 1 April 2011.

Adults: R100
South African pensioners: R75
South African undergraduate students: R75
Children between 14 and 17: R75
Children between 4 and 13: R48
Children under 4: Free

The new online ticket prices, from 1 April, are as follows

This is what you’ll pay if you buy your ticket online from 1 April 2011.

Adults: R90
South African pensioners: R68
South African undergraduate students: R68
Children between 14 and 17: R68
Children between 4 and 13: R43
Children under 4: Free

Annual pass rates

The annual pass rates (membership) remains unchanged. You can also buy or renew your annual pass online and save!

Visit our Members’ Zone for more information.

Watch this space for an exciting new membership promotion!

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  1. Ilham
    Ilham’s avatar
    30/03/2011 #

    Wow - why is it so expensive to go to the Aquarium? I would love to take my daughter a few times a year but because of the price we only go once a year. The price deters so many people who would like to visit.

  2. Admin
    Admin’s avatar
    30/03/2011 #

    Hi Ilham - our membership packages allow you to visit the Aquarium as often as you want to for a whole year. While slightly more than the daily price, a membership annual pass (valid for a whole year) costs just over two times the price of a single day entry ... Well worth investigating!

    Click here for details on the membership packages:

  3. Carlene van der Heiden
    Carlene van der Heiden’s avatar
    30/03/2011 #

    It’s well worth getting the membership annual pass as there are so many new features at the aquarium, and some ‘coming soon’ ones too! If you make a whole day out of it and take in all it has to offer, R100 is well worth it!

  4. Renee Matthews
    Renee Matthews’s avatar
    30/03/2011 #

    Compare the price of a ticket to the price of a weekly shop or a meal in a cafe. Not that much then! By international standards, R100 is absolutely fine.
    The membership has been brilliant for me. I have been to the aquarium 6 times in a year! My son loves it. I am an avid supporter and I love the newsletters. I find myself getting all emotional when I hear news of babies been born, like your manta rays. awww :)