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Fish jokes

Fish jokes 1 May 2014

We all love a good laugh – even our fish! Here are some photos from our Flickr group showing the various, and often hilarious facial expressions of some of the creatures at the Two Oceans Aquarium. We tried to imagine what they were laughing at…

Today is World Penguin Day 2014

Today is World Penguin Day 2014 By Stuart Buchanan / 25 April 2014

It’s World Penguin Day – and not that we ever need an excuse to talk about these incredible, fascinating and important creatures, but since they are being spoken about around the world, we thought we’d remind you about why penguins rock.

Birds of the sea: penguins

Birds of the sea: penguins By Katja Rockstroh – P.A. to Head of Education at the Two Oceans Aquarium / 2 April 2014

There are many different seabirds the world, that are dependent on the ocean in some way, whether it is for breeding, feeding or habitat.

Blue Jewels – A story of abalone farming

Blue Jewels – A story of abalone farming By Helen Lockhart, Communications and Sustainability Manager & Maryke Musson, Assistant Curator / 17 February 2014

A group of volunteers and young biologists huddled around the Hi-Tec Microscope Exhibit recently and were captivated as Maryke Musson, Assistant Curator at the Aquarium, told them about a new display at the exhibit.

And when she revealed the animals in the display, there were gasps of surprise, and then awe.

The journey from ocean to Aquarium

The journey from ocean to Aquarium By Renée Leeuwner – Assistant Communications & Sustainability Manager at Two Oceans Aquairum / 5 February 2014

Most overseas aquariums acquire their animals from companies that collect the specimens for them. But the Two Oceans Aquarium is different. We focus on animals and plants found around our coast, and our collections team is responsible for collecting what we need.