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The journey from ocean to Aquarium

The journey from ocean to Aquarium By Renée Leeuwner – Assistant Communications & Sustainability Manager at Two Oceans Aquairum / 5 February 2014

Most overseas aquariums acquire their animals from companies that collect the specimens for them. But the Two Oceans Aquarium is different. We focus on animals and plants found around our coast, and our collections team is responsible for collecting what we need.

A ground-breaking day at the Aquarium

A ground-breaking day at the Aquarium By Stuart Buchanan / 28 January 2014

It is oFISHial – construction has started for the new predator exhibit coming soon to the Two Oceans Aquarium!

Representatives from the V&A Waterfront joined project managers and team members involved in the construction of the new site, as well as staff from the Aquarium, for a special ground-breaking ceremony, which heralded the beginning of our latest development.

Flickr: clownfish up close

Flickr: clownfish up close 25 January 2014

This photo, taken by Natalie Shuttleworth, perfectly captures the colourful, curious nature of the Western clownfish, found in what is commonly know as our Nemo exhibit.

Gone swimming!

Gone swimming! 24 January 2014

Every morning, our rockhopper penguins move from their beach in the Penguin Exhibit to their outside pool at the AfriSam Children’s Play Centre. Except on Thursdays. On Thursdays they detour past the Ocean Basket Kelp Forest Exhibit, where they spend some time swimming among the tall kelp plants and large fish.

A fabulous adventure at the Aquarium

A fabulous adventure at the Aquarium By Willem Steenkamp / 4 January 2014

One discovered a whole new world; another absorbed more than last time, and a third explored a new passion for photography. It was wonderful to watch.

Their experiences were all different, but one thing’s certain: the extended Steenkamp family all had a fabulous adventure at the Two Oceans Aquarium.